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Find out what your true cost-per-mile is before you trade in your car for something with better gas mileage.
You might be surprised to learn that your current car actually costs less to drive than a replacement.

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Purchasing a new car will cost you an additional $0.00 over a five-year period, and represents 0 gallons of gas.
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There are several ways we can help improve the gas mileage of your current vehicle. Things like:

  1. Checking your transmission for excessive slip and proper converter clutch operation.
  2. Checking tire pressures, checking the battery and electrical systems for excessive draw and checking for dragging brakes.
  3. Checking the computer system for diagnostic trouble codes and updated reprogramming.
  4. Checking the engine oil, servicing the fuel system, checking for induction and exhaust-related problems.

These items are often overlooked and over time can reduce your gas mileage. As an ATRA Repair Center we do more than repair transmissions, our goal is to help you with your transportation needs, and help you get the most out of your car.